Rentals conditions in Sweden

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  1. The hirer has to have a valid driving license and a valid identity card or passport.
  2. Minimum age of hirer and driver is 21 years for all vehicles.
  3. Driver License B with minimum 1 year required for all vehicles except Premium vehicles for which a class C Driving license is required with minimum 3 years.
  4. Pets may exclusively be accommodated on agreement with the rental station.
  5. Hirers are required to observe the statutory rules and regulations (driving license, traffic regulations). A valid driving license must be submitted when hiring the motorhome.
  6. The shown motorhomes are only example vehicles of the different groups. Relevant for your booking is the vehicle data – number of seats and beds so, the booking confirmation will show the group of vehicles not a specific model.
  7. A bond of 11.000.- SEK must be deposited when hiring the vehicle plus 2.000 SEK security deposit for damage on windscreen. (Deposit only by credit card accepted cc: Visa & Mastercard (Maestro only in Helsingborg)).
  8. To confirm a reservation, at least 35% of the total amount should be provided.
    Payment for the total amount due must be made at least 40 days before pick-up.
    Failure on this will result in reservation expiration and/or cancellation, releasing the reserved vehicle for other services.
  9. In case of cancellation of a confirmed booking, the penalties will be as follows:
    – Up to 50 days before pick up day: 20% of the rental cost (minimum 2000 SEK;).
    – From 49 to 15 days before pick up day: 50% of the rental cost.
    – Less than 15 days before pick up day: 80% of the rental cost.
    – The day of the pick up: 95% of the rental cost.
  10. At time of signing the contract you will also sign the ? check-out list ? with the rental company on which any damage or comment about the vehicle should be indicated on keeping a copy with you. ? it is important to check the interior and exterior of the vehicle to avoid that at time of drop-off you could be responsible for any damage not caused by you.
  11. Bank expenses for transfer of foreign currency 40 Euros.
  12. Vehicles are not allowed to travel out of the European Union plus Switzerland and Norway as insurance companies do not offer coverage out of that territory.

Discounts for long term rentals:
3% OFF for rental periods from 21 to 29 days
5% OFF for more than 30 days

The terms & conditions disclosed in the contract and in each of the hiring bases will be applied at the time of hire.

pdfFull conditions for Sweden (English)
pdfDetaljerade villkor för sverige(Svensk)

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