Accessories and Extras Japan

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Accessories Prices Description Remarks
Bicycle rack no bicycle rack    
Outside cleaning ¥0 per vehicle  
Dish set ¥2.500 per rental  
Camping set ¥4.000 per rental  
Bed set ¥2.500 per person  
Towel set ¥1.500 per person  
Child safety seat ¥1.500 per rental  
Raised seat ¥1.000 per rental  
Winter tyres ¥0 per rental mandatory from 20th November – 20th March
Inside cleaning ¥15.000 if not returned clean  
Emptying toilet ¥15.000 per rental, if necessary  
Diesel or gasolene ¥5.000 per rental, incl. service, if necessary  
Amendment fee ¥3.800    
Hourly rate ¥4.000 for late Drop Off the vehicle  
Surcharge Company Holiday ¥10.000 for PU and/or DO on a company holiday on request only
Exemption compensation for Automobile Insurance
(CDW to ¥50.000)
¥3.000 per day (Half-price compensation for accidents)
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